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If you are considering breeding your mare, and would like to register your foal with PHANZ, there are a few things you need to know before making your decision.

  • If your mare is a registered paint or paint bred (solid coloured paint) and was born after 2005, she must be DNA tested prior to breeding.

  • If your mare is a Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred, you must be able to supply a copy of her registration papers or her TB record number.

  • Consider completing a 5 panel DNA Test on your mare to ensure that she does not carry any of the 5 genetic disorders.

  • Click on link for Submission Form for all genetic testing and on Hair Instructions on how to pull hairs correctly.


  • The stallion MUST be classified with PHANZ  or if a Quarter Horse Stallion, must be classified with AQHANZ
    You can check your chosen paint stallion is classified by checking our studbook page of classified stallions

  • If you are using a Paint stallion, the owner MUST be a current PHANZ member at the time of breeding.  Please feel free to ask check they are with us

  • The stallion owner MUST provide you with a breeding certificate (PHANZ, AQHANZ or TB) once your mare is vetted in foal.

  • The stallion owner CANNOT withhold the pink breeding slip if your mare is vetted in foal, as the pink breeding slip is an PHANZ document

  • Any Paint stallion classified from 2013 onwards is required to have a 5 panel test completed and can not be a carrier or any of the genetic disorders tested.  Although it is not compulsory to have Paint Stallions classified before this date tested, PHANZ encourages stallion owners to do this.  Ask for a copy of his 5 panel test results if the results are not published in an advertisement.  Click on link for Submission Form for all genetic testing and on Hair Instructions on how to pull hairs correctly.

  • If you are purchasing an in-foal mare make sure as well as the registration certificate you also receive from the owner the pink breeding slip relevant to that breeding



If you are intending to breed a Paint Bred (solid coloured paint) to a Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred. If the resulting foal DOES NOT show enough colour to be eligible for the regular registry, then it WILL NOT be eligible for any registration.

  • If you are purchasing an in-foal mare, make sure you receive her registration papers as well as a breeding certificate relevant to that breeding.

  • If you intend to breed an Overo to an Overo, you have a 25% chance of producing an Overo Lethal White.  We do not recommend this cross.


If you would like to contact us for any information on breeding, CLICK HERE to email us.

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