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What makes a Paint Horse a Paint?


A Pinto is a patterned horse of any breed or size

Just to make things clear the white markings are the horses pattern.

Because a PAINT Horse is a Breed, a PAINT must have specific breeding to qualify for PAINT registration, and must reach 14hh or taller. This also means that pattern is not required, these horses are also PAINTS and they are called PAINT BRED or SOLID PAINTS.

A PAINT Horse can only have registered PAINT, Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred for parents.

Two Paint parents. These are PAINT Horses.

One Paint parent and one Thoroughbred. These are PAINT Horses.

One Paint parent and one Quarter Horse parent. These are PAINT Horses.


How about if both parents are Quarter Horses or both parents are Thoroughbreds???  These are called “Crop Outs”, but only if they meet the PAINT horse requirements for Natural White Markings. This horse’s parents are both Quarter Horses, he has a belly splash (you can just see it through his back legs) and this makes him a “Crop-Out ”PAINT Horse. He is a duel registered Quarter Horse and PAINT.

Can a Paint Horse also be a Pinto? 

Yes!  If they meet the pattern requirements,  Because Pinto’s are registered based on Pattern.

Can a Pinto be a Paint?

Maybe! Must have registered Paint, Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred breeding and the right paper work.  Registration requires DNA testing. 

Buying a Paint Horse?

If you’re in the market for a Paint Horse, you want the buying process to run smoothly.   We’ve put together a handy check list for you, so you know what to check when considering purchasing your Paint Horse:

  • Is the foal/horse you’re purchasing registered? Make sure a registration certificate is requested from the person you are buying the foal/horse from at the time of purchase, if in doubt feel free to contact us to check

  • The owner needs to fill out a transfer form (download Transfer of Registration) from them to you. Send this form with the horse’s registration certificate to the office with the relevant fee.

  • Registering the foal/horse is the responsibility of the breeder of that progeny

  • If you purchase an unregistered Paint Horse don’t take it for granted this horse can be registered; registration may not be possible. Contact us to check what is needed if you are not sure at

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