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A little PHANZ history

Thanks to a dedicated group of Paint enthusiasts, following a five year breed-up program these 10 horses were the 1st to be registered with the newly formed Paint Horse Association of New Zealand in 1995. Before the Paint Horse Association was established it was the New Zealand Pinto Paint Horse Society. Paint Horse 1 to 6 were set aside for the 1st 6 horses that were imported to New Zealand.


Since 1980 Pintos have been shown and bred but with the arrival of Van Dee Bars a Tobiano Paint stallion imported form Australia in 1983 by Gray Siteman, a horse that has had a great influence on the Paints and Pintos vastly improving bloodlines, producing colour and whose progeny have been shown successfully at halter and performance. Over the years Gray bred his stallion to Quarter Horse mares producing quality Paint Horses.

The Paint Horse Association of New Zealand (PHANZ) lost founding member Gray Siteman on 30 July 2012 aged 88 years. Gray was our PHANZ Patron and the first member to import a Paint Horse from overseas – Van Dee Bars – Paint Horse number 1. Gray has always supported the Paints – he was one of the founding members and a much respected man in both the equine and farming sectors. PHANZ appreciated the support of such a respected horseman and breeder as initially it took a while to educate NZ equine enthusiasts that Paints were here to stay and grow as a recognized Breed.

Gray riding Van Dee Bars












Van Dee Bars PH001


Lee Van Dee Dee   



Secos Miss

Calligraphy PH002

The first registered Paint Overo mare Calligraphy was imported in 1986 by Jan Curran. Calligraphy is the Dam of Prairie Sequoyah by Di Bar Flit(QH) the 1st Overo Paint foaled in New Zealand. Prairie Sequoyah a sorrel Overo stallion that has produced quality foals with overo pattern. A horse with a great future for producing Paint Horses until his untimely death in February 1995.




Rocketa Sen

Docs Silverado PH003

After Calligraphy came Docs Silverado a sorrel Overo Stallion and Miss San Peppy a sorrel Overo mare imported from Australia By Mucke family as yearlings. Docs Silverado was the first Overo Stallion imported to New Zealand. A few years later Lance Baker bought Docs Silverado and Miss San Peppy. Miss San Peppy was in foal to Doc Silverado.



Docs Warrior  


Salvation Jane

DOCS SILVERADO  turned 30 years old 

on the 23 OCTOBER 2016

Here’s a few words from Rosie his owner.

Yes Doc turned 30 years old on Labour Weekend. He is still in great health.

Well done Doc. Doc was born in Australia & came to NZ as a young colt,

he went on to produce many many offspring for the Silverado Stud. I fell in

love with Doc when he was still a youngster being shown by Lance Baker.

It was his impeccable colour pattern, quiet Nature & a real gentleman that

stole my heart. Doc was then gelded in 1995 to make way for new

bloodlines. On the 21st June 1996, I became the proud Mum of

Doc Silverado (so excited)., Doc & I went on to become inseparable.

I could not have asked for a more loyal buddy. He is retired now living the life of luxury & gets plenty of attention from my granddaughter Rubi (2yrs). 

Rosie Orchard-bailey

Miss San Peppy  PH004


Peppys Chickabar


San Jose


Cabin Fever Man PH005

Cabin Fever Man was the first Paint stallion imported from USA in 1989, another sorrel Overo who was a proven colour producer and after a few season in Southland he came north to stand at stud with Jan Curran.




Mr Norffleet  


Jingo Laura

Skip A Line 

The next stallion to be imported was Skip A Line a Bay Overo, K & K Harrison had great results in the halter classes here in New Zealand and stood at stud for them for a few years. Skip A line was originally registered with PHAA. In the setting up the PHANZ registry the first 6 numbers were reserved for the first imported Paint horses. Therefore number 6 was set aside for Skip A Line, however his progeny were registered using his PHAA registration number.




Dainty Lion 

The above horses are the foundation of Paint breeding in New Zealand and with more being produced and more people showing the interest only increased. There were still horses to be registered but who would get what number it was decided to put all the names and draw them out.

These are the next lucky four.

Bear Tooth Willy PH007                                                              

Sire: Cabin Fever Man  

Dam: Delightful Lady

Bred by: Sandual Stud

Silverado Cheyanne PH008


Sire: Docs Silverado  

Dam: Opope


Bred by: Lance Baker

Mustang Sally PH009

Sire: Van Dee Bars  

Dam: Silverado Cheyanne

Bred By: A Carter

Alonzo XS PH010

Sire: Forty Four 

Dam: Alonzo Dee Bee


Bred by: Gray Siteman

The first PHANZ Committee 1995/96

Back Row left to right:  Colin Swanson,

Jackie Holt, Andrea Carter, Marty Duncalf,

Bruce Holt, Paula Northcott, Gray Siteman,

Jan Curran

Front Row left to right: Lance Baker,

Randy Barton, Tom Churchouse

After the 1 August 1995 only purebred paints would be registered. Only foals who are the result of a mating between Paint x Paint, Paint x Reg. Quarter Horse or Paint x Reg. Thoroughbred would be eligible for registration. Solid coloured mares and geldings from those breeding’s would  be registered in the Solid Coloured Register.

The first National Paint Horse Show was held March 1996 in Hamilton. Numbers were not huge but it was the start and with years to come, and as breeding Paints became more popular, bigger and better shows followed.


CLICK HERE to see photo’s from the 1st Paint Horse National Show.

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Bear Tooth Willy.jpg
Silverado Cheyanne.jpg
Mustand Sally.jpg
First committee.jpg
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