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American Paint Horse Association

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Horses registered with any International affiliate may be eligible for registration with APHA through their International Appendix Registration process.  Those APHA International Appendix-registered horses are eligible to compete in APHA approved events outside of the US, Canada and Europe and earn APHA points and titles.


PHANZ is affiliated with APHA which means they recognise our Stud Book and Registrations.  If you want to earn points with APHA you will need to join their association, and then you apply to register your horse with them.  PHANZ is more than happy to help you register with APHA if required, just email the office and we'll assist you any way we can.


Being a member of PHANZ does not automatically make you a member of APHA.  


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horseIQ is an excellent platform partnered with Extension Horses to provide competitive horse judging basics, mock horse judging and hippology contests and educational material.  There is even a section where you and upload a video under 'Judge my Ride' and select a judge you would like to receive critique from.

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